Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Demo Unit Press

Harrison mock-up on display
Mayor tours condo model; three homes sold so far
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"Any of the 65 people with reservations – or interested in reserving a unit – can check out the replica condominium, which is in the offices of Martin Goldstine Knapke, 2020 E. Washington Blvd., Suite 400.

Although only three people with reservations have bought condos, Jim Irwin, with Barry Real Estate, said he isn’t too concerned because many people wanted to see the replica before committing to buy. Barry Real Estate is the Atlanta development firm building the condominium/retail building. Mike Brita, with Martin Goldstine Knapke, said the firm is working in the order that reservations were made to sign contracts. He said the fourth person on the list wanted to see the model unit, so sales were halted until it was complete."
Harrison Condos Unveiled
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"Harrison Square project manager Jim Irvin says demand for the downtown units has been high.

"We've had dozens of people on the reservation list who are just itching to get in their unit," Irvin said. "Now that the model's here, people can see exactly what they're going to be buying.""


"Irvin says the downtown development will be huge for Fort Wayne.

"We've seen some property to the west, double or even triple in value in the last year just because of what we're doing at Harrison Square", Irvin said. "It's going to be a tremendous catalyst for the city.""
Decision time nears for those who reserved Harrison condos
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"Officials at Martin Goldstine Knapke are starting to call those who paid the $1,000 fee to reserve a condo to get their final decision. Priority is given in the order reservations were received.

A model of a small unit in The Harrison has opened at the Martin Goldstine Knapke office on Washington Boulevard in Fort Wayne to give future condo-owners an idea of what the final product will look like."


"Three contracts already are signed, said Mike Brita, of Martin Goldstine Knapke. He estimated 64 reservations have been made for the 62 available condos in the first phase. Reservations for The Harrison still can be made."