Thursday, March 6, 2008

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Commission members Thom Obergfell, Judy Wire and Christopher Guerin were present, with member Casey Cox listening in on the meeting by phone.

Resolution 2008-14
Approving a contract for Bid Package 14 (Hydraulic Elevators) for the Harrison Square Baseball Stadium project
The bid was $40,000 over the estimate because 6 stops for the elevator were included when really only 5 are needed. After the change, the bid is below the budget by $6000-$7000.

Acceptance of the bid was deemed time critical because of concrete being poured within the week for the elevator foundations. The lone bidder for the stadium elevators is also doing the elevators for the parking garage.

Resolution 2008-15
Approving a contract for Bid Package 15 (Plumbing, Mechanical and Sheet Metal) for the Harrison Square Baseball Stadium project
The engineering estimate was $2.6M with a low bid of $2.9M, causing the bid to be $291,996 over budget.

There was some discussion about what elements could be removed or changed and the possibility of a rebid. However, this package was also deemed time sensitive and a rebid would cause delays to the particular package and other aspects of the project as well. Change orders will be discussed at the next meeting.

Resolution 2008-16
Approving a contract for Bid Package 17 (Electrical) for the Harrison Square Baseball Stadium project
The original estimate was $1,840,000, with a low bid of $3,225,348, and was said to be $1,384,826 over budget.

Christopher Guerin asked why the bid was so far off from the estimate. The answer given by a representative from Weigand was that the bid included elements that were not present in the estimate.

One of these additional elements is an elaborate public address and sound system that would provide sound throughout not only the ballpark but also the adjacent areas such as the area beyond center field, the concourses, and the exterior of the ballpark. The system would eliminate any echos or reverberations that would occur without it.

Another component that was subject to change is the lightning protection system for the light poles. The original bid included specifications for a combined loop system, but the less expensive alternative would be to have individual lightning protection for the light poles.

Another reason for the over-bid was an over sized and unneeded electrical generator. A separate budget exists for backup power generation.

Unlike the other two bids, the electrical bid was deemed not to be time critical but to rebid would likely not achieve any cost savings and would take longer to accomplish.


On Wednesday the 12th there will be more bid openings for Harrison Square including drywall, masonry, miscellaneous metals, roofing, painting, and the playing field. The bid openings will take place at 3PM in the City Council chambers, Room 126-128 of the City-County building.

As a side note, Greg Leatherman explained to DFWB that for The Harrison retail space an establishment that serves alcohol but allows minors as part of a restaurant can receive a tax abatement.

On the other hand, an establishment that only serves to those 21 and older such as bars and package liquor stores would not be eligible for a tax abatement at The Harrison. Such an establishment could still exist in the retail space, but would not be eligible for an abatement.

Cuts planned to offset stadium contracts
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Cuts meant to balance out bids that came in higher than estimated
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Scott B. said...

The cost overrides in this case probably do not mean anything to the overall total budget since the parking garage was over estimated as well as the steel for the ballpark. I know the parking garage was $1mm under the estimate, but I don't recall what the savings on the steel was.

scott spaulding said...

There is also a contingency fund of about $2M

John B. Kalb said...

Can I assume that Greg Leatherman is now an expert on what a "license issued under Indiana Code 7.1" entails? I still read the Fort Wayne Code of Ordinances, 153.15(A)(8) as excluding a "facility who's primary purpose is retail food and beverage service". Did Greg indicate where he got his information?
John B. Kalb

barranda said...

Can you assume John?

If my recollection is correct, you have been able to make many assumptions regarding Leatherman and the HS project as a whole. I don't know why wouldn't be able to this time.

Joe said...

Honestly, I really hope that cost cuts are not made to the sound system. That is something that is pretty important to the atmosphere of a ballpark. All of the nicer minor league ballparks have state of the art ones where speakers are placed around the entire ballpark and concourses. And it is something that Memorial Stadium really lacks with its one blaring speaker in the outfield scoreboard. I hope cuts (if it is decided that they are needed) can be made in other "behind the scenes" areas, as opposed to the sound system which would be very noticeable to fans. Just my opinion.