Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Repost: High Speed Rail Presentation Wednesday

MARCH 26, 2008
Doors open @ 4:30PM
Presentation @ 5:00PM
Cinema Center @ Indiana Tech
1600 E. Washington Blvd (Andorfer Commons Building)

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Ride on fast track - vicariously
Invent Tomorrow will present program on fastest train
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"Invent Tomorrow, a private group that promotes downtown revitalization and other civic projects, and the Indiana High Speed Rail Association are sponsoring the presentation, billed as an opportunity to “Ride the Fastest Train in the World.”

Riding that train will take some imagination, but the program should provide a thorough look at cutting-edge high-speed rail development. Last April, during a test run in France, the V150 TGV train topped out at 357 mph.

Dennis Hodges, vice president of marketing and membership for the rail association, said the video would feature the TGV's record run and describe how the train was conceptualized.

The program also will include an update on the continuing effort to bring high-speed rail service to Indiana."
Return of trains pushed
High-speed rail group hopes to rally support
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"Northeast Indiana residents interested in high-speed rail will have a chance this week to learn more about its possibility of coming to the Midwest.

The Indiana High Speed Rail Association will host a free public rally Wednesday evening at Indiana Tech."


"Tom Hayhurst, association board member and former Fort Wayne city councilman, said the meeting will include an interesting video and discussion of how the high-speed rail system works in France. He said trains there can travel at incredible speeds, which would be useful locally instead of forcing people to drive from Fort Wayne to other Midwestern cities."


ROACH said...
id be happy for now with the "keep it simple solution"(KISS)-
how about simple AMTRAK service at baker street station? instead of a cold freezing leaky bus hut in Waterloo?
Souder? Lugar? Bayh? Pence? Sen. Long? Sen Wyss?(only if theres no bar car.. giggle)Oh Mr. governor? may we please have some AMTRAK in fort wayne?
and i hope this meeting wont consist of a bunch of local blowhards talking out their tunnels this time for an hour and a half- like the last meeting a the library. I notice that nothing got done since then. bla bla bla. then silence for 4 years.
stupid frickin' jackholes.
and where is the moneyy going to come from? borrow and spend? tax and spend? any committments from the private sector?
I hope the citizens will be able to express their opinions first, after the brief presentation; instead of all the blow-hards expounding on how much they support this, getting their egos stroked with their own importance, then disappearing into the sunset, just like our local AMTRAK rail service.
again- i'd be happy with 70 MPH- its faster, cheaper, and less stress than driving to chicago, detroit, cleveland, and so on. And what of a short line from fort wayne to INDY, and cincinatti?
yada yada yada. see youagain in 4 years. just like the last time.

Andy said...

Good point Roach -

Let's not get too greedy here. Getting Amtrak just to have Fort Wayne as a bona fide stop would be great for starters.

I have to ask myself who decided to have Waterloo, IN as the destination of choice for NE Indiana ? Certainly defies logic, don't you think ? Instead of having a city of over 250,000 inhabitants as the major hub for passenger train service in NE Indiana, why not have Waterloo, IN, population 2,200 ( less than 1 % of the Fort's pop.) be the premier destination for boarding a passenger train.

And here's the real kicker: Amtrak passenger train ridership is UP almost 6 % from the year before. As the price of fuel inches closer to $ 4/gallon, passenger rail service has already experienced and will continue to see increased ridership.

Scott B. said...

I would prefer the high speed rail, as long as Amtrak does not run it. I think it should be run by either a British, French, German or Japanese company, since these countries actually know how to run rail successfully.

The money was supposed to come from the Federal Government, but disappeared because Bush attacked Iraq.

Karen Goldner said...

Andy, the reason that Amtrak service moved to Waterloo had nothing to do with the market and everything to do with the tracks. Amtrak uses other companies' tracks (at least in this part of the world) and there were changes by Conrail to the route from here to Gary that would have meant Amtrak would have been the only service using that route. As a result the entire cost of maintenance would have been on their dime, so they moved to Garrett where there is a line for which they do not have to foot the entire bill.