Thursday, March 27, 2008

More On Barr Redesign

A better Barr Street
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"While site work at Harrison Square will soon give way to bricks-and-mortar construction, city officials are beginning a project that will help make a piece of the other side of downtown more attractive.

Over the next three months, the city will fulfill a plan to make Barr Street more attractive with new trees, sidewalks, streetlights and curbs.

The streetscape project is part of downtown improvement plans and will enhance the Cultural District on the east side of downtown."


"No improvements in the Barr Street Market area are included, but the sidewalks leading to the market will be wider, and new curbs will help make the area more pedestrian friendly.

Barr Street connects, among other downtown destinations, the market, the History Center, Park Place restaurant, the Arts United Center and the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. Arts United plans to study the building needs of its member organizations, and the streetscape could well complement any improvements or additions.

The project is the latest move to help make downtown more appealing, and it comes at little cost to local taxpayers."