Friday, May 25, 2007

Even Further Candidate Update

Election Board Could Determine Kelty's Fate

""It creates the possible scenario, no one will ever give money to a campaign again. Instead, they'll simply loan money to the individual who is running for office who will then loan or for that matter maybe even give it to the campaign. And no one's name will ever show up on a campaign finance report again." said [Andy] Downs. "

"Downs says there would be no violation if those loans were given to Kelty for something other than the campaign and then he decided to use them for the campaign instead. However, if the money was always intended for the campaign, it very likely could be a violation. "If a person has given to an individual who then uses it for a campaign, that clearly is a violation of Indiana Code. It's a misdemeanor and then the campaign that files the campaign finance report based on that fraudulent information is committing a felony.""

"Another thing the board needs to determine is whether anyone else was involved in contributing to those loans. "For example, that someone received a series of deposits from other individuals, transfers to accounts from 4, 5, 6 individuals and then that account was used to loan money to matt Kelty then that's obviously accepting a contribution in the name of another person.""

WOWO's Charly Butcher interview with Matt Kelty
Listen here (.mp3)

WOWO's Charly Butcher interview with Kevin Knuth
Listen here (.mp3)

Vote board to look at Kelty loans
Other sources of money revealed

"While Kelty tried to bring closure to the issue Thursday, the election board plans to meet over the topic. Campaign finance experts said candidates should be as open and honest as possible with the source of campaign money, and hiding those sources raises ethical and legal questions. One expert even compared Kelty’s actions to money laundering."

"The new addendums show Fred Rost, one of Kelty’s campaign advisers, lent him $150,000 on Dec. 15. Rost also was identified as the financier of a public-opinion poll about Harrison Square and the primary race, which Kelty did not initially disclose."

"When asked about the loans in January, Kelty said, “I would never ask someone to invest in an endeavor that I was not willing to invest in myself.”"

Kelty letter clarifies reports for mayoral campaign forms
Letter from Matt Kelty to Election Board members

The next step for Matt Kelty
"Andy Downs/Downs Center for Indiana Politics: "We will collect data to the best of our knowledge. We will determine whether we think there is a preponderance of evidence to suggest that there may be something punishable as a misdemeanor or felony. Then refer all data and our opinions to the Prosecutor's office and the Fort Wayne Police Department. Then they work together to investigate criminal matters.""

Kelty's campaign finances called into question Video link here

Matt Kelty's problem
He must clear up the latest questions over his financing and support immediately

"Perhaps he could open his personal finances to inspection to show how he intends to repay a $160,000 in personal loans on a mayoral salary of $120,000. If he cannot repay it quickly, the city's voters are right to wonder how it would affect a mayor's image and effectiveness to be so deeply in debt to a trio of political backers."

"If, however, Kelty did break the law with that campaign loan, he needs to face the facts. He should not fight a legal battle and campaign at the same time. His supporters deserve better than to be disillusioned by a candidate who inspired them so. All Republicans, no matter who won their support in the primary, deserve a candidate they can respect. Most important, the people of Fort Wayne should have faith in the integrity of a man who would be mayor."


Jeff Pruitt said...

In his interview Kelty said:

"This is the way I would run the city as mayor"

Anonymous said...

I listened to this interview and I have to say i threw up a little bit in my mouth.

This guy is absolutley pathological. He believes the lies he's telling.

There is no way in hell that Mr. Frugal Family guy would take out a $150,000 loan if there was truly an obligation to pay it back. This was all done with a wink wink nod nod.

It represents the very worst in politics. If this guy is elected then shame on us as citizens because he will be the worst thing to happen to our city in decades.

I am amazed at the number of people that are acting like there is some sort of gray area here! This was a blatant snup of the nose at our campaign finance laws and his explanation is an insult to the intelligence of the citizens of fort wayne.

He must go, or this Republican will seek out the nearest "Republicans for Henry" group.

Anonymous said...

There will be a loan document produced that states that if Matt drops out of the race, he defaults on the loan. I think that answers the questions about it being a "personal loan".

Stay tuned

Anonymous said...

"'This was a loan, not a gift, and was thoroughly documented. Although the loan was not earmarked for any particular purpose, I understood that Matt might use all or a portion of the loan proceeds to help with his mayoral campaign,' said Rost in an e-mail." (from this afternoon's N-S)

Rost needs to learn when to stop talking. What he says indicates that HE KNEW some or all of his loan would be used for the campaign - making it very clear that they intended to circumvent the reporting law.

These guys think they are smart. Not so much.

Anonymous said...

“I am not hiding anything,” Kelty said. (News Sentinel 5/25/07

"I am not a crook" (Richard M. Nixon 7/023/74)

Anonymous said...

Please pass the Kool-Aid!

Anonymous said...

Things are getting shaky in Keltytown.

Tonight's News Sentinel ask Kelty to please open up his personal finances to show how he intends to pay the $160K back to Freddy Cui Bono.

Kelty for mayor? NO WAY! said...

If Kelty gets his usual slap on the wrist, I am done with it all. This is exactly how people get turned off to politics. If you can't play fair, then take your toys out of the sandbox and go home.

Joe said...

What a clown this guy is. He's losing voters as we speak. All Henry has to do is put together a decent campaign and mayor is all his.

L Borst said...

It's Steve Shine that's taking his ball and leaving the sandbox. Steve and Lisa Blosser, Bill Bean, Ken Neumeister, Chuck Bodenhafer, Darrel Jaggers, David Long and others are seeing their power base slip away. This is pure polticis, nothing more.

They're shocked that Kelty won. Kelty has support in Indianapolis from Mitch Daniels' office on down to the state election board.

As was the case before the election you people think you have this all figured out. However, you're all on the outside and ignorant of what's taking place on the inside.

I'll get a nice chuckle out of reading what you folks have to say after Kelty is exonerated.

Anonymous said...

Kelty's political career is over. He will either get indicted for this or he will be so damaged that he will get killed in the general election and he will never be heard from again.

Knuth and co. will rip Kelty's head off for this and his other transgressions. The reason all of these elected officials supported PETERS is BECAUSE they were all smart enough to know that THIS IS THE REAL Kelty, not the self righteous choir boy he presents.

You have been duped anon.

Anonymous said...

"Kelty has support in Indianapolis from Mitch Daniels' office on down to the state election board."

Really? There's support and there's support. It's one thing (pre-scandal) for a governor to say nice things about a mayoral candidate of the same party. It's another thing for that governor to, post-scandal, go to the mat for Matt (so to speak). I can't believe that any politician would put his own credibility on the line for Kelty - especially after Kelty has shown himself to be dishonest and not particularly smart.

Anonymous said...

Kelty's support will be as thin as one ply toilet paper. If he thought he had is fundraising work cut out for him before, NOW he is an impossible position to raise money. Of course, Rost may give him a Million for the General, who knows. Make sure you report Matt if he does.