Thursday, May 24, 2007

Further Candidate Update

Formal Investigation to be Launched Over Campaign Loans to Matt Kelty

"When asked if any wrongdoing may have been done, Kelty said, “Oh, of course not. I would never be a part of that, you know that.""

"Pressure from Republican Party leaders for a full accounting preceded the filing of the new information."

"The County Election Board is requesting any and all loan documents to Kelty from Fred Rost and Steve and Glenna Jehl, giving him a June first deadline to produce that information. "

Kelty's Campaign Finances in Question

"The election board has given Kelty until June 1 to turn over more detailed information regarding the funds in question. They will hold a public meeting to discuss the matter sometime after that to determine what violations, if any were committed."

Election Board to investigate Kelty loan

Story includes letter from Allen County Election Board to Matt Kelty

"Rost also was responsible for funding a $4,450 poll conducted by New York-based Zogby International. He did not identify himself as the source of the money until the day campaign finance filings were due. Kelty has said he had no knowledge of who commissioned the poll, which was generally favorable to Kelty. Rost also is the president of the Allen County Right to Life Committee, which endorsed Kelty."

"Kelty said he did not remember the specific terms of the loans, but said neither Rost’s nor the Jehls’ specified how the money should be used. Kelty, however, said it is clear they want his campaign to do well."

"As of 7 p.m. Thursday, Kelty said he had not seen the letter from Downs and would not say whether he would provide the information without seeing it."

"Jeanne Nicolet, assistant director of the election board, said the board will have a public meeting about the finances of the Kelty for Mayor Committee as early as Wednesday."


greg said...

"Kelty said he did not remember the specific terms of the loans, but said neither Rost’s nor the Jehls’ specified how the money should be used"

whenever fred rost is involved it seems that kelty forgets the details...

Anonymous said...

Greg, Kelty continues to dig his grave deeper. Let me cite to your same quote:

If indeed Rost loaned Kelty this money with no restrictions on how to use it, and Kelty gave it to his campaign. Well, then if Kelty uses campaign contributions to pay off this PERSONAL loan, it becomes taxable income to Kelty.

He could end up having to pay $50,000 of income tax on this "loan" when he pays it off. Maybe Rost will step in again and pay the taxes. Fred, Cui Bono?

Anonymous said...

Why are the "moral" ticket guys always the ones who are the most deceptive? If this weasel had nothing to hide, then why is this information being released after he won the primary?

Whether fined, indicted, or convicted, Kelty is either a goober or one of those corrupt politicians he aspired to replace. What a wonderful prospect for mayor.

This "frugal, family" guy can sure come up with $150,000 with great ease.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing. If you visit the Angry White Boy site, there is consensus amoung the Kelty Kool Aid drinkers that this was uninentional. Are you kidding me? Kelty was asked about this loan on numerous occasions by the Press and EVERY time he offerred a bogus answered. He could have clarified it early on, but he hid the facts. This was an intentional missreporting of information, no doubt about it.

It shows a pattern with Kelty. He would rather do the wrong thing and ask for an apology later than to just do the right thing. This is a fatal flaw for a mayoral candidate.

The die hard Kelty supporters have been fooled by this man. His self righteous man of the people act is just that, an act. You have been duped.

L Borst said...

You people are really showing just how ignorant or stupid you are when you say things like this:

He could end up having to pay $50,000 of income tax on this "loan" when he pays it off.

You are indeed a clueless lot.

Anonymous said...

How can you possibly back Kelty in this embarrassing situation?

The following quote from one of the election board members explains the mess Kelty's camp is in...

"It creates the possible scenario, no one will ever give money to a campaign again. Instead, they'll simply loan money to the individual who is running for office who will then loan or for that matter maybe even give it to the campaign. And no one's name will ever show up on a campaign finance report again." said [Andy] Downs.