Monday, May 21, 2007

Post Redevelopment Commission Meeting

Remonstrance Filed Against Harrison Square Project

"The Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission met Monday afternoon and unanimoulsy approved expansion of a special taxing district to include Harrison Square.

That despite the filing of a remonstrance by John Kalb, who alleges the city is improperly using property tax monies to pay part of its share for the project."

Harrison Square gets another seal of approval

"Harrison Square continued to work its magic Monday night, drawing previously unseen numbers of people to another local government meeting.

They came out for the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission’s public hearing on an amendment that would extend the boundaries of an economic development area to help fund the $125 million-to $160 million downtown revitalization project. The five-member commission later unanimously passed the amendment."

"Also Monday, local residents John Kalb and Mark Gartman filed remonstrances against the Harrison Square project. Both have been outspoken critics of the project at previous public hearings, including Monday night’s."

Harrison Square Advances

"The Harrison Square project received key financing approval Monday after a half-dozen people spoke at what will likely be the final public hearing on the issue."

"John Kalb filed one of the letters and spoke in opposition to the project Monday afternoon. He said the money from the special tax district should be used to improve the Jefferson Boulevard corridor, possibly by reconstructing the railroad overpass to allow more lanes of travel.

Kalb also questioned the way the city used money from the tax district to purchase land for Harrison Square before the tax district was expanded to include the downtown area.

When asked whether he planned to sue, Kalb said, “We’ve got 10 days to decide.”"

From a previous public hearing...

Mark Garvin

John Kalb


Anonymous said...

These are two bitter and negative individuals. Will they ever just move on or are they enjoying their 15 minutes of local fame?

Jeff Pruitt said...

Bitter and negative?

I really don't see it. I think these two guys honestly believe that expanding the TIF is either a big mistake (as do I) or illegal. I also believe that the more people come to understand the workings of the TIF the more they will begin to agree w/ those that think a perpetual expansion will harm the city.

Joe said...

Jeff, see your point, but all this fighting is a lost cause now. They just need to accept it and move on...

Jeff Pruitt said...

Well I think that will happen now because I seriously doubt either Mark or John will put up the bond to take this to court...

Anonymous said...

Jeff - Consider this:
Leatherman, Becker and Richard have repeatedly said "we feel that this extension is so important that we would go ahead and push it EVEN IF HARRISON SQUARE DOES NOT HAPPEN" So what possible loss could there be to Fort Wayne if they win? The only loss would be if we win. I believe we can convince a reasonable judge of this and get by with a $2.00 cash bond.
In addition, I do not buy Leatherman's accusation that our objection is "frivolous".
I don't know if you left after our remonstrances were turned down, but another resolution, 2007-28 was an eye-opener - It was to ratify & approve a transfer of funds to pay bills that Pat Roller had received on items for our grand Public Safety Academy at Southtown Centre because - now get this "We have been unable to sell the land that wasa to provide the income to pay for these items" !!!
As we told them, they are not living in a Fort Wayne Dreamland - it's the real world out here.
And, AS ALWAYS, they have the tax money that they forced us to pay to fund their "not so little games" Hey, thanks for being there yesterday - hope you get to join us in a court of law where we can get something done honestly.
John B. Kalb

Change Fort Wayne said...

If you show up with a $2.00 bond, they'll laugh you right out.

But if there are so many behind you and against HS, then it shouldn't be a problem getting people willing to contribute to the bond.
Oh, I forgot - these people are against anything that involves 'their personal money' - so naturally they won't support your remonstrance.

Jeff Pruitt said...


The bond issue is a joke. The government uses it to keep legitimate lawsuits from being filed against it which is a disgrace. If a suit is that frivolous then a judge could just dismiss it.

The bond requirement just ensures that the government can do whatever the hell they want...

Anonymous said...

CFW - Just for your info, I have received 26 phone calls & e-mails, each offering financial help, if needed.

I do not believe(nor does a local lawyer) we will need more than the $2.00 cash bond, IF the State Board of Accounts backs up our contention that Leatherman & Co.'s actions in aquiring the "red" identified land using money that was not legal for this use before the passage of the resolution on this last Monday.

John B. Kalb

PS: Maybe the real Change that Fort Wayne wants is to put a stop to this senseless waste of tax money by our local governmental units - what say you???