Monday, May 21, 2007

Redevelopment Commission Meeting

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Speaking in favor
Jim Lindsey
Greg Leatherman
John Stafford
Andrew Thomas
Wendy Stein

Speaking against
John Kalb
Mark Garvin
Mike Sylvester
Sean Collentine

Motion approved unanimously by Redevelopment Commission.

Two remonstrances have been filed separately by Mark Garvin and John Kalb, but they have been denied by the passage of the resolution. The filers have ten days in which to respond and decide whether to advance the issue into court.

Also brought up in the meeting was a resolution (2007-29) for the selection of consultants for civil engineering and geotechnical/testing services for Harrison Square.

The resolution can be read by clicking the following link: Resolution 2007-29


Joe said...

Oh John, your resistance is futile. Please just give it up and if you don't like it, move elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Joe!


i.m.s. said...

That meeting sounded intense. I heard that it was a public meeting; is this true?
If so, can you please post more information on the blog about the next meetings and when they take place?

Anonymous said...

Joe - At my age the only move I will be making is to heaven - with a stop at a retirement place temporarily. I will contiue to dislike this illegal use of TIF monies until I leave this earth. John B. Kalb

MILEY said...


Baby, give it up

Anonymous said...


It will be a shame if you spend the rest of your life being the bitter opposition to Harrison Square. Just accept reality and go to the wizard games at H. Square, have a hot dog and relax. Life is too short. Give it up.