Monday, June 25, 2007

Detail Seeking: Reinking Edition

City pressed for more details on Harrison Square

"A week ago today, Ronald Reinking, a Fort Wayne accountant, sent a letter on behalf of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation to the city’s Redevelopment Commission asking for more financial information about the $125 million-to-$160 million downtown revitalization project."

"Redevelopment Commission President Christopher Guerin said he received it Friday but understood from talking with city attorneys and Greg Leatherman, deputy director of community development, the request would need to be filed under the Freedom of Information Act because Reinking asks for information that will require new documents to be created at a considerable investment in time."

"Reinking said he is unsure what response he will receive from the city, and the foundation will wait before moving forward."


John B. Kalb said...

Our "city attorneys" apparently know less about Indiana law than other professionals in our fair city. WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY BEING PAID TO KNOW OR DO?? The "Freedom of Information Act applies only to Federal law - and they should know that - plus Ms. Quiligan should know that also. John B. Kalb

Kevin said...

The letter from Reinking DOES NOT invoke FOIA or the Indiana Records statute.

Unless that is specified, I do not believe that the Public Access counselor can get involved.

Jeff Pruitt said...

These guys don't even understand the law.

This type of response further validates my assumption that this administration has nothing but contempt for public oversight - they don't even bother to read the relevant statutes.

Contempt or incompetence - take your pick...