Monday, June 25, 2007

Room for Shoppes

A fresh breath for Broadway
The Shoppes could bring new life to the area near downtown

"The Straley brothers began dreaming up the idea about a year and a half ago. At that time here was no Harrison Square dominating local discussion.

When the city announced the project featuring a downtown baseball stadium, the retail idea made even more sense.

When the development is finished, the Straleys hope the Shoppes can capitalize on the traffic heading in and out of downtown.

"It's a risk for us," said Brian Straley. "But it is a good opportunity.""


ROACH said...

Nice Site for a DEJA VU!

Scott said...

See Harrison Square makes sense. Even though these guys conceived this before HS existed, HS can only increase their visibility. This is truly wonderful.

BMG said...

We should all congratulate the 'risk-takers'. At least not hiding out with all of the "no place for parking!" citizens...