Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dayton's Downtown Energy

Dragons' approach brought skipper back
Donnie Scott missed “electric” atmosphere when he left Dayton.

"“I've been in this profession in some form or another for 28 years and I was willing to take a step back (to Low-A) just to get back to Dayton,” he said. “There are not many ballparks in America that feel like this. Dayton does it right. There are other places built just as nice, but they don't have the same feel.”"

"He said there are three reasons Fifth Third Field has sold out every home game since its creation in 2000 - the region's baseball rich-tradition, a crown jewel of a downtown stadium, and the first class professionalism exuded by the Dragons' front office.

Other new state-of-the-art ballparks like Great Lakes' or Peoria's - both fellow Midwest League teams - are beautiful and fun to play in, but the entertainment doesn't appeal to the fans like Dayton's does, Scott said.

“At Dayton, you can feel the energy,” he said. “It's right on top of you. The fans are closer, the noise is louder, the atmosphere is just electric.”"

"“Places like this make it so much easier to get up for a game,” he said. “You're surrounded, so close, by people cheering for you. It's a nice facility and I'm blessed to play at a place like that.”"

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