Tuesday, July 3, 2007

HS and FWCS?

Early results: a ‘blue' day
FWCS building project foes collect the most signatures

"Property owners have spoken, and Fort Wayne Community Schools will have to make do with the buildings it has - at least for another year - if the unofficial results from a monthlong petition battle hold up."

"“There was a lot of flack about Harrison Square and the taxes they're piling on, but that has to be factored into what they asked for,” Mol said. “They're not operating in a vacuum. The school system just can't say we need this no matter what else you're getting hit with. That's not an isolated issue.”

Peirce agreed that “sticker shock” over FWCS' project, coupled with Harrison Square, rising gas prices and “other issues where they didn't have a say” were probably reasons people signed blue petitions."


Jeff Pruitt said...

And yet Pierce and the 20+ members of the Yellow Ribbon Task Force (not to mention the school board) didn't consider that "sticker shock" might affect their plan?

This task force was specifically put together to come up with a plan that the public would support - they failed miserably. They failed because they didn't even consider the political ramifications of their plan and chose to endorse whatever the administration wanted lock, stock and barrel.

Unfortunately this task force, and school board, failed the children of FWCS...