Monday, July 2, 2007

Global Presence

World hub for youth baseball
Their dream is for city to host clinic for kids

"Kimmel has a dream, already in motion, of bringing an annual international youth baseball clinic and tournament to Fort Wayne. He'd be the organizer; Sotir would be the baseball guru, and young baseball players from Fort Wayne and around the world would be the benefactors. The not-for-profit event would be called the World Baseball Academy and would bring four to eight foreign teams to the Summit City every summer."

"Kimmel believes the first World Baseball Academy could be in place by 2010, providing funds can be raised to bring the ASH Centre complex up to par with facilities."

"Developing one set of fields at the ASH Centre would be the ideal because foreign teams could come into Fort Wayne, have a few days of instruction and several days of games, all at the same locale. As Kimmel and Sotir point out, a team could play against teams from three different countries within the same complex."

"A first-class idea is already in place. It's now a matter of others stepping up and helping to take Fort Wayne baseball to the world, and vice versa."


John B. Kalb said...

If this comes to pass, I'll bet the net positive effect on our local economy will be four or five times that of the boondoggle baseball stadium downtown! And the visitors will not be able to afford the "high class" new and unnecessary downtown hotel either. John B. Kalb

Scott said...

Do you honestly expect anyone to believe that these little league teams who travel a lot anyway can't afford to stay in a hotel? Obviously because of your immense intelligence and lack of time to do anything but complain, you must have already studied the economic situation of every family of every team that is from a foreign country. What a ridiculous assumption.


So John, why don't you invite them to stay at your house?

Now what we need is to build a world class indoor Velodrome and we can bring high class foreign athletes to Ft. Wayne too. That would be cool.

John B. Kalb said...

Scott - Since we live just 6 blocks from the ASH Center and since our kids are all in their own places, your idea is not that far fetched - we have two empty bedrooms. Like I have told you before - we need people like you in our town. How is the job hunting going? John B. Kalb

scott s. said...

John, the Scott that commented before is not the same Scott as the one who contributes to this blog (me). This can be checked by clicking on the person's name and looking at their profile details. I just hope you don't think you've been talking to me in previous posts as well :)

John B. Kalb said...

Scott S. - Thank you for setting me straight - and telling me how to check who each Scott is. I am still interested in how your search is going. John B. Kalb

Scott said...


Sorry for the confusion. I don't have a blogger account just a gmail one. So gmail puts up whatever it decides.