Thursday, July 5, 2007

Local Opinion


See "Fort Wayne visitor was never so bored" and "City should consider all its citizens’ needs"


david said...

People like Tina need to get real. They retire and think the world should stop. They budget their retirement as if the cost of living will stay the same the rest of their lives. The world does not work that way anymore.

Meanwhile, I get to pay into their social security which I will never see a dime of. Tina needs to lighten up and realize she is the one screwing her grandchildren.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

She also needs to understand that building a single A baseball stadium, a highly subsidized hotel in an area with hotel occupancy rates under 50%, and building a parking garage in an area with too many parking spaces will not make Downtown Fort Wayne any less "boring."

Mike Sylvester

barranda said...

Mike you've made some statements in opposition to HS that have merit. Not this time. It's one thing to say that HS shouldn't be publicly funded...but to say that it won't make Fort Wayne less boring? That is silly.

As for Tina, the irony in her post is amazing. She states that she grew up in Ft. Wayne (assumingly during the 50's), yet she feels betrayed that the city is trying to be progressive with the development of downtown and HS. Perhaps she forgot about the Coliseum that was completed in the 50's.

Come to think of it, perhaps the city she "helped build" with her "labor and love" was the city that went from a booming city, boasting the newly built Embassy, Scottish Rite and Lincoln Tower (the first and tallest skyscraper in Indiana) to the afterthought of Indiana. A city that embraced urban sprawl and decay, leaving this generation to pick up the pieces. Yes, I'd venture to guess that was a product of her labor and love. Tina, I also feel betrayed.