Thursday, July 5, 2007

Courtyard Comin'

Full-Service, 250-Room Courtyard by Marriott Proposed for Harrison Square
Link (City of Fort Wayne)

“A Courtyard by Marriott will be a great asset for our community and region as we move forward with Harrison Square,” said Mayor Richard. “A successful privately financed hotel complements the overall Harrison Square development that will strengthen our community and enable us to retain and gain quality jobs and businesses.”

"Acquest and White support the overall Harrison Squaredevelopment and acknowledge the hotel, Grand Wayne Center, ballpark, condominiums, and retail will create a unique visitor and local destination place. "

250-room Courtyard by Marriott planned for Harrison Square

"The six-story hotel with a unique urban design "will be a great asset for our community and region as we move forward with Harrison Square," Richard said in a statement."

Harrison Square will get Courtyard by Marriott

"The Harrison Square hotel in downtown Fort Wayne will be a Courtyard by Marriott, city officials announced Thursday.The six-story hotel will have 250 rooms, a signature restaurant, bar, coffee shop, indoor pool, fitness center and room service during restaurant hours."

"Courtyard by Marriott hotels typically are not seen in a downtown area. The Harrison Square hotel will be designed to fit into an urban setting, city officials said. Its design also will not affect the rest of the Harrison Square, which includes a new baseball stadium, retail and restaurant space and condominiums, said Greg Leatherman, Fort Wayne deputy director of development."

Details of Downtown Hotel Revealed

"These plans come just in time for the Allen County Convention and Tourism Board's meeting on Friday.

The board is expected to vote on approving $2.5 million for the Harrison Square project at that meeting. The city has asked the board to set aside $250,000 over ten years.

Last week the board put off voting on the proposal because it wanted more information on the hotel.

Now Mayor Graham Richard says all their questions should be answered. He hopes to get approval for the entire Harrison Square project from the plan commission by August.

That means final plans for the ballpark, hotel, condos, and retail space, are due to the plan commission no later than July 11."


John B. Kalb said...

How soon will we hear that the existing Courtyard by Marriott on Washington Center Road will be closing "because Marriott will not have two competing Courtyard brands in a city the size of Fort Wayne". It's not redevelopment - it's just redeployment! John B. Kalb

scott s. said...

Talk about being a fan of our site - I just posted the news story and already John's commenting!

Scott said...

I think that is highly unlikely seeing as how the current Courtyard is a perfect location for people attending things at the Coliseum. Besides the current one is close to Raytheon, ITT and a few other large companies that need a decent place to stay. Furthermore, do you believe that the Marriott would have let them use the Courtyard brand if they thought it was a detriment to a previously established hotel of the same brand? You must be pretty arrogant to believe that everyone in the world is stupid and doesn't think of these things except you.

barranda said...

It's like the Southwest "Ding" commercials where the guy falls all over himself trying to get to his computer.

Perhaps John installed a program to ding every time you post something.


Scott said...

Another point I would like to make is that Fort Wayne has two Holiday Inns and two Residence Inn by Marriott. So in light of this, I think your argument does not hold water.

John B. Kalb said...

I thought that the use of the Inkeepers Tax still had to be approved by both City and County councils? Is that being skipped? How can Mayor Richard say that final approval will be by the City Planning Commission? Another example of lean government? John B. Kalb

Joe said...

That looks like a very nice hotel. My only complaint is that it is only 6 stories, and looks to cover a large area (square foot wise). Why not make it a couple stories higher that way it doesn't take up so much space?