Friday, July 6, 2007

Local Sports Sponsorships

Competition heats up for ads
Local teams vie for corporate sponsors

"The city of Fort Wayne will collect a piece of the advertising revenue if the Wizards sell the naming rights to the new downtown stadium expected to be under construction later this year. The city receives 50 percent of naming-rights revenue up to $300,000, and then all additional money beyond that amount."

"The ads can be powerful because over the 70 home games the Wizards will play this year, thousands of pairs of eyes each night will see the Coldwell Banker billboard, and thousands of pairs of ears will hear the announcement reinforcing the billboard.

“The amount of eyes (that were) going to see it was an appeal,” Crilly said. “The Wizards we liked because it was over four to five months. (It was) the repetitiveness of it.”"