Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Harrison Square Press Conference 9-19-2007

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Graham Richard opened with comments to the effect that the City was proud to have "the best and brightest companies and employers" contributing to the project and also mentioned Fort Wayne's recent acknowledgement of being the #1 minor league sports city in the country.

Mayor Richard provided an anecdote of a long time Fort Wayne resident who commented to him that it looks to be the right time to invest his New York and Washington money into Fort Wayne instead.

Jason Freier then took the podium and thanked the participating companies for their long term commitment, which had a minimum of 5 years. The response was said to have surpassed their best expectations for interest in the suites. In a months time there were more commitments than the 12 suites originally planned and there was still a waiting list with the addition of 4 more suites by Hardball Capital. Companies were asked if they were willing to be flexible in their chosen dates and to share suite space with other interested companies.

Question: Can we hear from one of the companies?
Pat Sullivan of the Hylant Group responded that Harrison Square is a great opportunity to be involved in downtown and to bring employees and clients downtown.

Scott Glaze was then asked to comment on his involvement in downtown. Mr. Glaze commented that he was very excited about downtown and the ability to bring guests and visitors somewhere besides having them stay in hotels along the highway while in town.

An update was asked for in terms of naming rights and the sales of the condos and retail. Graham Richard and Jason Freier both answered to the effect that detailed discussions are ongoing in terms of naming rights and that further details couldn't be released because of the sensitivity of the negotiations. Freier noted that they were not far from an announcement on naming rights.

As far as the condo and retail sales, Freier noted that detailed, final plans were needed before putting commitments in ink from interested parties. He said final plans should be done in the next 45-60 days.

Fifteen of the ballpark suites are said to be accounted for by 32 companies and the 16th suite is reserved for day of game sales. A 10 year commitment of a suite was said to have a value of at least $220,000.


John B. Kalb said...

Scott S. - Can identify all except the one listed as "Times Group" - can you identify or find out what and who this is? Thanks John B. Kalb

Rachel said...

Presuming there is only one Times Group, it publishes Aboite & About, Dupont Valley Times, East Allen County Times, etc. They were recently purchased by KPC Media Group, publishers of Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly as well as the papers in K'ville, Auburn and Angola.

John B. Kalb said...

Thanks, Rachel Appreciate the info. John B. Kalb