Thursday, October 18, 2007

Corridor Catching Core's Wave

Pride Wells as corridor spiffing up

Wells Street is just a few blocks from Harrison Square, a hugely expensive project meant to revitalize downtown. Just a couple of blocks to the east, more improvements are planned. It only makes sense to take advantage of those improvements to also try to improve and get help for Wells Street, business owners say.

The wheel that squeaks gets the oil, says Josh Harper, the manager of Sloan’s. For the first time, the neighborhood business association, which went 20 years without meeting, has gotten active and started to demand attention.
Businesses are pushing to establish a new planning designation for their street, something called a neighborhood commercial corridor. It would restrict the types of businesses that could locate there.
Businesses aren’t judged by a different standard. They aren’t judged at all. There is no commercial code in Fort Wayne, no rules requiring businesses to keep up their property.

Changing the code might be the answer, and officials say there has been some discussion about it.

But until the laws change, nothing else will.