Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Playing With Parking

Building frustration
Mayoral candidates say they would take steps to make processes easier for businesses

Both candidates said they would look at ways to make downtown parking more accommodating, Kelty would consider removing meters and regulating parking by chalking cars to measure time. Henry might give a pass to overtime parkers — at least the first time — if their license plates indicate they are from out of town.

“Common sense has to prevail,” Kelty said. “If we are going to bring people to downtown for the purpose of doing business, we have to make it easier.”

Wouldn't common sense dictate that anyone with a grudge could chalk up the car of someone they don't like?

This proposal aims to take the technologically enhanced solution of parking meters with unmistakable digital readouts and replacing it with a crude method that only increases the burden of proof for wrongdoing.


Anonymous said...

Constantly chalking cars could cost just as much as it did to enforce parking meters.

Wendy said...

I'm still confused who these people are who find it difficult to park downtown. I have gone downtown for lunch every day this week, and have found a parking meter within two blocks of my destination each time. Today I ran long so my meter expired, and I did get a ticket - big deal! $5 amortized over three days seems like a pretty good deal, plus the spare change I put in the meter.

R. Mike said...

I was recently at a show in Cleveland Heights, and the parking meter in a lot across from where I was going (The Grog Shop) was a dime an hour with a five hour limit. I couldn't believe it. NICE.

tim said...

The reason we have a "perceived" parking problem is because of the lazy asses who think they have to park right in front of the door of the place they are going downtown. These are the same people who will think nothing of parking way out in the parking lot at Glenbrook then walking another 1/2 mile into the mall, and another 1/2 mile inside the mall. I too have been downtown several times this week to the bank, restaurants, etc. and every time I've been able to find a spot within a block of where I was going. Only one time did I have to go around the block more than once to find a place. The meters are still a bargain. Grand Rapids, Michigan charges a quarter for 15 minutes. Here it's a quarter for an hour. I keep change in the car that I get back at the grocery store, restaurants, etc. for the meters. EASY! We DON'T have a parking problem downtown by any means!

Joe said...

I just laugh when people write letters to the editor complaining about how HS will cause a huge parking problem. They should all be directed to this web page:

Everything in red is surface parking