Friday, October 19, 2007

A Housing Tour Not In Suburbia: Refreshing!

City offers tours of Renaissance Pointe development

Fort Wayne residents will be shown the city’s efforts to turn one of its poorest neighborhoods into a place people want to live.

The city’s Renaissance Pointe project will host the first of its public tours this weekend, followed by another next weekend.
The city partnered with local developers, who are building six model homes that will be on tour from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The six model homes are on the 2400 block of John Street.
She said the city has done studies showing a desire for urban living. While some people think the project involves public housing, she said after people see the quality of the houses they will be amazed. She said they are all privately built and will be sold at market value.

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John B. Kalb said...

Scott S. If my memory is not fooling me, it seems that the last three of four "house & garden" tours HAVE been of non-suburbia sections of our town. West Central (three years ago- I remember because I was greeting visitors to our church on Jefferson), Williams-Woodland, Wildwood Park (Two years ago - our neighborhood), et al. Are you mixing the "Parade of Homes" tours with the ones run by ARCH? They are for different reasons - one to show off neighborhoohs and the other to sell new homes. I believe the tour you are covering is a continuation of a combination - whats good about the old and what is possible with new. John B. Kalb

scott spaulding said...

John, it's simple: Any housing tour that shows off core housing as opposed to cornfield suburbia is refreshing.

Eric White said...

I remember touring homes in Indianapolis when Fall Creek Place was in the infancy of development. This project reminds me so much of that development, which has been incredibly successful.

I don't know what kind of response this project will have, given the current housing market. But I sincerely hope for the best!

Rachel said...


It's the same Indy developer from Fall Creek Place who is developing Ren Pointe.

Last night was the VIP party for those in homebuilding and real estate. The feedback was very positive about the location and the style and quality of the homes. I think people will be pleasantly surprised when they come out during the tour.