Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Planning For Tomorrow

click image to read report (PDF)

Scott Bernstein and Stephen A. Perkins, of the Center for Neighborhood Technology, submitted the above report to Mayor Richard recently. The report can be summed up with the following statement from the report's executive summary:

"Reconnecting Fort Wayne addresses three major areas of focus for Fort Wayne to achieve its goals: transportation, the knowledge economy and energy."

The report is 28 pages and is recommended reading. Here are some choice quotes from the report:

"Building Fort Wayne’s knowledge-based economy will ensure rising incomes and productivity for the city and its residents, and our recommendations regarding transportation choice and energy efficiency will decrease household transportation and energy costs in order to increase disposable income and build long-term wealth."

"For the vast majority of Fort Wayne residents today, transportation means owning a car. In 2005, over 97% of Fort Wayne commuters traveled to work in a car. Many residents of the city live in areas where a trip in a car is required for nearly every activity—not just getting to work, but doing the grocery shopping, going to church, going out to a restaurant, or anything else. Expanding transportation choices for Fort Wayne means building a city where car travel is only one of many options for getting around. By foot or bicycle, by bus or streetcar, and even by car sharing, there should be many ways to get around Fort Wayne. Car ownership can become a choice, not a necessity."

"Recent developments in Fort Wayne, furthermore, show promise for a more dense, more walkable future. Plans for mixed-use development at the Harrison Square and North River projects should be integrated with planning for a re-established streetcar line, so that people increasingly live near transit and transit increasingly goes where people live."

"Increasing density, especially near transit stops; improving the connectivity of transit, pedestrian and bicycle systems; and encouraging compact, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use neighborhood (re)development will all support transportation choice, local economic development and household prosperity."

"Many of Fort Wayne’s current bus routes run along old streetcar lines. A new streetcar system, of course, would be designed to complement, not replace, the city’s buses. Streetcars can link downtown with neighborhoods and college campuses, and connect people to jobs, shopping and services."

Read the report for more insight into how Fort Wayne can expand transportation choice, capitalize on a knowledge economy, make efficient use of energy, and how to create healthy neighborhoods and prosperous families.


Steve said...

This is interesting, but I'm afraid today pales in comparison to the article about Kelty's birthday cake. Oh my god! This guy is absolute sleaze. Peters calls him to ask what this is about and he denies any knowledge of it - despite a photo of him holding the "outhouse." Souder actually supported him and yet his name is written on toilet paper. Karen Richards is the "wicked witch" when all she did was properly pass on the investigation. Heaven help us if he somehow wins.


R. Mike said...

I would love to see major improvements to the North Clinton SIDEWALKS. They are horrible for foot/bike travel.

JKrull said...

Steve, sorry but I don't see the connection between improving transportation and a birthday cake. There seems to be a rather large lack of connectivity between your ramblings and the post.

As for calling Matt a "sleaze", just what is it Matt has done that is vulgar? He didn't bake the cake. Go back to filing your library books.

Jeff Krull said...

I don't know if there is another j. krull around here, or if someone is playing very unpleasant and unethical games, but for the record, I, Jeffrey R. Krull, director of the Allen County Public Library, did not post the message shown as being entered October 10, 2007 11:19 AM.

Scott said...


I agree. I think it's very important the connection you are making because Kelty has a chance of becoming our next mayor. He is going to be the one that all of these proposals will be supported under. But it seems that Kelty is too juvenile to really run this city. While he did not bake the cake, he did not come out against it either. If fact, by the look of the pictures, he seemed to enjoy it. I just don't think we need a man like him running the city with this kind of immaturity.

Anonymous said...

Please note that after a 36 hour work day, you may get a little giddy too! Sorry, Scott and others, some people actually work! 60 Hours or Less is merely SCHOOL!

ROACH said...

back to the future!
Fort Wayne used to be a regional travel and entertainment hub, before Las Vegas stuck gold.
due to all our industries, and nightlife. The industries are all but gone, and it is time to embrace the flat-world global economy, or be left behind as another empty, dying rust belt menufacturer. Ask yorself- what can we make that the chinese cant make cheaper, and equal, or better?
And information technology- India Rules the roost.
Pharmaceuticals- Mail order from canada, and beyond- cheap, generic, effective.
automobiles? how about a chinese made car or truck for about 5,000 or so? National health care. Free/ or online college education in high tech degrees in demand.

about the cake- lighten up,people! It was amusing, yes, but if you ever talk baby talk with your kids in public, isnt that immature too?
immature- 2nd largets city- sounds like a letterwriting/posting campaign/conspiracy.
Sure Matt is a good Architect, and a nice guy, but not in government- his views on church state separation, and education are too whacked out for me. He sounds like one of those Islamic fundamentalists, who want a taliban/Iranian/Islamic republic, and Christianist Madrassas for all, teaching useless fairy tales.
Immaturity comes in amy forms- how about the tantrums of the establishment when their boy lost. But Matt is saying he is a martyr for the cause, comparing himself to St. Paul and says he's being persecuted, and his minions believe him.
Henry sounds downright normal by comparison.
You have to understand that the pro-lifers are as single minded as the Borg in Star-Trek- and easily manipulated, and easily fleeced. And imagine if we had a govt building full of these brainwashed zombie fundamentalists. Imagine the damage they would do, injecting religios into every.aspect. Imagine a police dept- Officer Fuzz" let me see your license, and registration, sir. can you recite the lords prayer, sir? Have you been drinking any kool-aid tonight sir?