Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Downtown Parking Map

Use this downtown Fort Wayne parking map for your trips downtown during the upcoming holiday season and for all your downtown excursions!

Don't forget that metered parking spots are a great way of visiting downtown, especially since they are free after 4:30PM on weekdays, free on weekends, and free during City holidays!

click image above to view PDF map


Scott B. said...

This is a very interesting map. It shows that to attend a ball game at HS, the max you will have to walk is 12 blocks. That is if you walk from Headwaters Park. It is also interesting to note that you will have to pay maybe 2 dollars to park for a game. This is half as much as MS, but you will have to walk.

The 2 dollar charge will only be if you happen to park at a place that charges on the weekend. Most of the games during the week, you will pay nothing for.