Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trail From Core to Zoo

Major Grant for NE Indiana

"The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has awarded more than $20 million in Transportation Enhancement (TE) funds statewide for projects such as multi-use trails, streetscape improvements and historic bridge rehabilitations."

Multi-Use Trail in Fort Wayne: A $967,166 award to the City of Fort Wayne will fund construction of the Pufferbelly Trail, an extension of the Fort Wayne Greenway System. The multi-use trail will begin at the intersection of Fourth and Clinton Streets and extends north to Fernhill Avenue. A spur from the primary trail will travel west to Franke Park, the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo and Franke Park Elementary School."
Allen County portion of map from http://www.in.gov/indot/images/northeast.jpg

Google Map cross-section of Fort Wayne from 4th/Clinton to Franke Park

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R. Mike said...

As an everyday bike rider, I am a big supporter of the Rivergreenway and its expansion. However, let's not ignore the forgotten trails of Fort Wayne, otherwise known as sidewalks. Thankfully, Mayor-elect Henry understands their value, as demonstrated in this campaign release:

"Sidewalks-to-nowhere and alleys that require four-wheel drive vehicles to navigate are more
than minor frustrations for residents. They are indicators of the overall health of our city. Walkability, connectivity and sustainability are core characteristics of
thriving communities. To promote all three, I will focus my energy on strengthening these
building blocks of our neighborhoods and fostering lasting community connections."

Rachel said...

As a bike rider and a frequent pedestrian, I use streets to ride my bike and sidewalks to walk. Sidewalks are meant for pedestrians. Bicycles are human-powered vehicles and thus should use and abide by the rules of the road, which includes riding on them. Only in the rarest occasions downtown where there are nice wide sidewalks with few pedestrians (and lots of cars) will I ride on a sidewalk.

R.Mike, I am hoping that you are advocating for the use of sidewalks by walkers and not bicyclists.

R. Mike said...

Sorry, I am not brave enough to share a shoulder-less road with semi's and careless drivers. Not advocating, just self-preserving. Sidewalks should be made to accommodate all motor-less travelers.