Sunday, December 2, 2007

Arterial Designation

City to discuss plan for corridor zones
Idea is to aid mixed-use development
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"Some streets leading into downtown feature a mix of shops and homes that does not fit easily into the city’s defined zoning categories.

A proposed zoning ordinance amendment would create a new classification for these areas to use. The category, called the neighborhood commercial corridor district, is designed to encourage pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use development, said Sherese Fortriede, a city planner.

In some respects, it is similar to the zoning categories for downtown areas. It could eventually include neighborhoods along Broadway, Wells Street or East State Boulevard, she said."
"The neighborhood commercial corridor district requires new buildings to be two stories tall to blend in with the existing development, which features apartments atop commercial spaces. Buildings are allowed to be closer to the street than in other neighborhoods because that is the way stores have been constructed along Wells Street and Broadway, she said.

Businesses will have relaxed parking standards and be able to use on-street parking, Fortriede said. Companies will get parking credits for installing pedestrian-friendly features, such as bike racks. The city wants to encourage walking because a corridor, “functions as a mini Main Street for the neighborhood,” she said."


Scott B. said...

The real question is will the city follow its zoning ordinances since they didn't in the subway case?

Scott Greider said...

Works for me! ;-)