Thursday, December 20, 2007

From Redev

Resolution 2007-92
Approving the transfer of Harrison Square Real Estate to the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Authority
Housekeeping item. Passed Unanimously.
Resolution 2007-93
Approving a contract with W.A. Sheets
A contract with W.A. Sheets for $12,099,000 for the parking deck at Harrison Square. The base bid and the alternative option for rust inhibitor were both chosen, with alternatives for building out the conference center and exterior upgrades to be held for decision until March. Passed unanimously.
Resolution 2007-94
Approving a modification to a contract with Bonar & Associates
This Resolution is for the Calhoun Street project for redesign issues based on depth into the ground for certain elements and for ADA compliance issues.
Resolution 2007-95
This Resolution is for the awarding of the contract of concrete for the construction of the ballpark to Hagerman. The estimated price was $4,747,000 and Hagerman's bid came in at $4,086,300, which is $660,700 less than the estimate.

Hagerman is also the contractor for the condo construction, which will make it easier to build out both components as they mesh and interrelate with each other, most notably at the field level fitness center that looks onto the ballpark. The fitness center is said to be privately owned and paid for, but Wizards players are expected to utilize the facilities. Passed unanimously.