Friday, December 21, 2007

Redev Press

$16 million in work OK'd for Harrison
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"Greg Leatherman, executive director of redevelopment, said while he is pleased with the bids, there is still millions of dollars’ worth of work left to bid. He said it would be wiser to know what the other parts of construction will cost before adding on things not needed for opening day.

The contract does include the framing of the conference center, but not its finishing touches, Leatherman said.

The city expects to have the rest of its bids accepted by the end of February, and Leatherman said Sheets gave the city until March to decide whether it would want the extra work done on the conference center.

The commission did approve adding about $40,000 in cost to the stadium concrete contract for foundation work for some shade structures, a bar area and an outfield barbecue area. Jim Irwin, project manager for Barry Real Estate, which is overseeing the construction, said those additions make sense because they can’t be added later without ripping out existing concrete at considerable expense."
"Irwin also said reservations for the condominiums are going well, with about 55 people putting down a $1,000 refundable deposit for the 62 units. He said he hopes to have all of them reserved in the next few weeks and that after the new year the company will begin working on contracts with those on the list.

Owners of the units will have access to a roof deck overlooking the ballpark and will get a membership to the field-level fitness center."