Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Harrison Square 2nd On '07 Story List

Top 10 stories of 2007 Local
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"2. Harrison Square moves forward - Throughout 2007

Late last year, Mayor Graham Richard announced plans to build a new baseball stadium downtown. And the stadium — scheduled to open for the Wizards' 2009 season — would be only part of the mayor's mark on downtown. The deal for a public-private partnership to build the stadium also came linked to a new hotel, condominiums, retail space and a parking garage downtown. The cost of the Harrison Square project likely will be between $125 million and $160 million.

It proved controversial, not only because the stadium replaces a serviceable one on the city's north side, but also because of the tens of millions in public spending the project requires. A poll early last year found about 70 percent opposition to the plan. But its staunch defenders persevered, and the plan passed City Council."