Thursday, December 27, 2007

Old World Clock May Find Home Again

Maybe this time for '30s clock
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Image from Allen County Public Library's Allen County Community Album

"What do you do with a 400-pound, 11-foot-tall clock worth $15,000?

The local chapter of the NAWCC has been asking itself that question for years."
"Back in 1993, the local group came into ownership of a McClintock clock from the 1930s that used to hang outside the old Peoples Trust Bank in downtown Fort Wayne."
"Fourteen years down the road, the clock is still undergoing improvements, but it’s 90 percent to 100 percent restored, said Butts, a member of the local association. Old solenoids have been rebuilt, and the impulse motors that run the clock work perfectly.

Now it keeps time, perfect time, and it has for four years."
"Now, Butts said, the association has a line on a local business that is interested. There is talk of giving it a home that would be close to the Harrison Square project. Discussions have been going on for some time, and nothing is written in stone yet, but association members believe they have found an owner, and because the Harrison Square project won’t be finished for a year and a half, there’s no rush to install the clock.

Key to everything is keeping the clock here.

“We want to keep it in Fort Wayne,” said Vic Keller, an association member."