Thursday, January 17, 2008

Buildup Begins Soon

Harrison Square Construction Set to Move to New Phase
Link (INC)

"The construction management firm in charge of the project says work will begin very soon on a below ground clubhouse and on part of the outfield wall.

Jim Iddins/Project Manager: " I'd say 90 days you'll really start seeing the outfield wall in place, uh, all the concourse for the first and third base line will be up to the proper elevation, and you'll see some foundation walls going in."

Much of the preliminary site work involves figuring out ways to channel ground water away from the baseball playing field that will be built a few feet below ground."


Kevin Whaley said...

This is really going to be an exciting process to watch. I look forward to watching your coverage of this development on your blog.

Joe said...

Yes, it is going to be exciting to see. Too bad the webcam hasn't been working for a while...