Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dividing To Preserve

ARCH wants to divide property
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"On Jan. 31 the board will consider ARCH’s request to separate 802 and 804 W. Washington Blvd. into two lots and reduce the required off-street parking spaces for the homes from five to four.

The request may seem insignificant, but ARCH believes the changes would make it easier to sell and redevelop the newer of the two houses and to protect the other house on the property — believed to be the oldest remaining structure in the West Central neighborhood.

ARCH paid $85,000 for the 109-year-old three-story building facing Washington Boulevard last year, and hopes to sell the house at a profit to someone who will renovate it."


"By separating the two homes, ARCH hopes to protect the Rockhill-Tyler house’s historical integrity and make the newer home more attractive to would-be buyers, said Executive Director Angie Quinn."