Thursday, January 3, 2008

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Is walkway necessary?

"A recent trip through the downtown area sure was interesting.

The work toward building “Conjecture Square” is in progress, and according to news reports some lower costs (concrete) have developed. l looked around a little more and imagined the Conjecture’s walk bridge across Harrison Street from the third floor of the new hotel to the third floor of the historic Indiana Hotel by the Embassy Theatre.

Of course, I knew that the trip along along Jefferson Boulevard offered a terrific view of Grand Wayne Center across the street. But then I figured I could cross the street and with the aid of my cane, walk to the Grand Wayne entrance.

Oh, then I seem to remember that the new hotel wants the bridge or it would not build there. Hmm, what the heck, it’s only $1.5 million.

Then there’s the ballpark and parking. I give up. Maybe this is what was done in Chattanooga."


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