Monday, February 4, 2008

Mayor Mentions More Condo Possibilities

The new face of Fort Wayne
Mayor Tom Henry is open to changing smoking ban, cautious about property-tax reform efforts
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"What is your primary aspiration for downtown Fort Wayne?

… I would really like to see downtown grow in a way that it is a fun place to live, work and play.

For those that want to live downtown, we’re going to offer these 60-some condominiums, there’s plans for another 40 or 50 if they want them. I just talked to another developer this morning (Jan. 25) that’s looking at a potential site for 40 more. There’s another developer that called me about another site for some more condominiums downtown.

I think there’s an emerging sense of excitement about this community that, quite frankly, I have not witnessed in decades. I was on City Council 20 years and I have not witnessed seriously the excitement, the feeling, especially by young people, of what this city could become if we really let our hair down and go."