Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Open House Sneak Peek

Harrison Square Fly Through 2-20-2008 from dfwb on Vimeo.

Comparison videos:
Updated Harrison Square Fly-Through (November 29, 2007)
Harrison Square Condo/retail Fly-thru(August 2, 2007)
Harrison Square Fly-thru Video (July 7, 2007)

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Scott B. said...

Overall I think the stadium looks better than the previous fly though. A look at the suites is nice.

I don't know if they didn't take the time or what, but there are no trees like in the old one. The "public park" looks like its only concrete. And I hope that is not the finish product for the parking garage. If it is, they need to start over. It doesn't match any of the style of the other building in the project. I hope this is only because they did not have the time to finish those details.

scott spaulding said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention in the post that the parking garage shown in the video is not the same as what is actually planned. The one in the video doesn't have the brick "skin" on it.

Joe said...

I would imagine that the amphitheatre/park would not be all concrete. I guess they scrapped the idea for the mini baseball field that was in earlier drawings?