Friday, February 15, 2008

Providence Paper On Davis Transfer

Pawtucket leader leaving
Link (The Providence Journal)

"Davis, 59, is leaving the foundation to become president of the Downtown Improvement District in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Money was a factor — the job offers a higher salary, he said — but so were family and professional considerations."


"While Pawtucket is seeking to reestablish itself as a commuter rail stop and encourage the reuse of its old mill buildings, Fort Wayne is developing a convention center hotel, creating a mixed-use residential and retail complex downtown and building a minor-league baseball stadium.

Without taking anything away from Pawtucket — Davis said the city has done a good job making itself a mecca for architects, engineers and artists — he suggested that what’s going on in Fort Wayne would provide him with opportunity to work on much bigger projects: “They’re doing a level of investment in their downtown that’s kind of on a different scale.”

John J. Partridge, co-chairman of the Pawtucket Foundation, said that, while he hates to see Davis go, he isn’t surprised that Davis was hired to run the Fort Wayne downtown improvement district."


"Davis, who was offered the Fort Wayne job in December, said he won’t start work there until late April."