Friday, February 15, 2008

Local Opinion

Letters to the editor
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Baseball stadium location ideal

"I believe the new location for the future city-owned baseball stadium is ideal. It is good for baseball. If you have an eye for baseball and baseball history, you’ll understand my analysis.

The best time to come to this conclusion is now. The best time to behold the firmament above the playing surface is now. The backdrop of the classic array downtown brings to mind baseball antiquity and social antiquity.

I anticipate a very lively park that will be home-run friendly. I believe this is a highly welcome change for the Wizards franchise and may be an about-face regarding layoffs. Fort Wayne deserves and wants a championship.

Already I’m persuaded that this is going to work. The former mayor did a nice job. I don’t know whether I’ll ever attend a game; however, I’d sure like to take batting practice at the new stadium."