Thursday, February 14, 2008

Save The Date: August 28, 2008

Individual Game Tickets for Final Wizards Season at Memorial Stadium On Sale Friday
Link (Baseball in Fort Wayne)

"Individual game tickets for the upcoming 2008 Fort Wayne Wizards season will be on sale starting at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, February 15.

The home opener for the 16th and final season of Wizards baseball at Memorial Stadium will be at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 3 when the Wizards host the Lansing Lugnuts, the Midwest League affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Tickets will be available for purchase at the Wizards front offices located at Memorial Stadium, all TicketMaster locations and at the Memorial Coliseum Ticket Office. Tickets can also be purchased by calling the Wizards front office at 260-482-6400."
DFWB predicts that Thursday, August 28, 2008 will be the highest attended game of the 2008 season.

That game versus the South Bend Silver Hawks at 7:00PM will be the last and final game to ever be played at Memorial Stadium.

"Fans are encouraged to attend the final game of the season for a game that will not soon be forgotten. There will be multiple different giveaways during the game and the emphasis is truly on THE FAN!"
It also doesn't hurt that since the final game will be on a Thursday, beers will only be $2.00 because of the recurring Thirsty Thursday promotion.

Be sure to be there for the final game to pay homage to the legacy of Memorial Stadium and to look towards the future of Fort Wayne professional baseball at Harrison Square.


John B. Kalb said...

Scott - "to pay homage to the legacy" can, using dictionary definitions, be rewritten, " to pay 'honor and respect, mixed with love and awe' to 'something that has come from an ancestor or predeccesor'". I thought that DFWB was of the opinion that Memorial Stadium had "nothing to respect or love" in it's being? Or did we misunderstand your previous statements?

I encourage Fort Wayne area baseball fans to skip the entire 2008 season. Why pay to witness the "death throes" of the Hardball Capital ownership of OUR Fort Wayne Wizards? Rather, let's plan on a "wake" on the day that the "paid for" Memorial Stadium is destroyed just to satisfy someone's ego!!!
John B. Kalb

scott spaulding said...

Pay homage to Memorial Stadium's place in the history of Fort Wayne professional baseball and celebrate the fact that baseball is coming back downtown where it started and belongs.

Change Fort Wayne said...

Bitter much?

Please explain the logic behind baseball fans skipping a season in protest of getting a new stadium.

I still don't understand people's justification of forfeiting going to games due to the fact that they disagree with the project.

John - please move on with your life, your battle is over.

fwbaseball said...

I'm a Fort Wayne baseball fan. I will be there. I will be at the new ballpark in Harrison Square because I equally support my community and - whether I agree with the project or not - I want to see it succeed for the betterment of all of Northeast Indiana. No ego there.

John B. Kalb said...

CFW - The logic is skipping a season in protest of the mindless distruction of a perfectly good, paid off, facility. What other way do we have to indicate our total disagreement with what has illegally been forced upon us? I personally hope that the Harrison Square project is successful - but that Hardball Capital goes away!!! They have perpetrated a "crime" on the citizens of Allen County!

And, my life is moving on - we shall see how goes professional baseball in Northeast Indiana. Stay tuned. John B. Kalb

tim said...

Excuse me, John, who are you referring to when you say "our total disagreement to what has been illegally forced upon us?" It certainly can't be the 4 others of us so far who have responded to this post today. Also, illegal?! Give that one a rest and please don't respond back with your usual diatrabe ad nauseum.
Finally, "forced upon us?"
This project has not been forced on me. Maybe you should have said..."MY total disagreement with what I PERCEIVE to be illegally forced upon ME."
Please don't speak for the rest of us, John. It's no wonder Fort Wayne has been so stagnant for years since so many like yourself have such bad attitudes. I agree with the CFW post....move on, your battle is over!

Jeff Pruitt said...

The good news John is that the state legislature is getting ready to pass a referendum requirement for major capital projects like this.

You will have a much stronger voice in the future because of it...

barranda said...

"What other way do we have to indicate our total disagreement with what has illegally been forced upon us?"

Sheesh John, if boycotting the baseball season is the only way to express your disagreement you sure have wasted the last few months of your life.

Jeff, I don't understand the love for the referendum legislation. You may disagree with some of city council's decisions, but how many voters do you honestly think will be sufficiently educated enough to make an informed decision. To think that they will be educated by the local media is also another scary thought.

John B. Kalb said...

Barrister Barranda: Your "smarter than the average voter" attitude is a prime example of "elitism ad nauseum"(using Tim's line). Are you going to use that same line to explain why our legislators pass a resolution requiring referendums in Indiana in the future for projects of this type? Or even pass SB0017 to make the actions on Jefferson Illinois Road TIF funds even more illegal than the law was when the EDA was expanded to include properties that were described to be "serving" the EDA (like a closed-up restaurant and a tire dealer and an automotive repair shop et al).
And Tim - did you read the audit notes from the state CPA's report on Pat Roller's books for 2006 where they pointed out that our redevelopment department and redevelopment commission paid for Harrison Square properties illegally, or did you, like our county prosecuter, just overlook these statements as "too late, sorry taxpayers, we know better than you - you just pay the bills!"
And the "we" was not intended to include you, Tim, only the roughly 70% of county taxpayers who opposed this boondoggle.
John B. Kalb

barranda said...

John, you can call it elitism if you want. The fact is, I don't include myself amongst the group of potential voters who would have been sufficiently informed enough to make an informed decision. Anybody who has ever spoken with me on HS at length could tell you that I freely admit that I didn't know enough about the project to have been able to have made an informed decision on the project at the time city council voted. For purposes of the referendum I'd probably vote for the project simply because I like baseball. I can't imagine the disservice that would be done when uninformed citizens are leading the way.

I suspect that if the HS proposal involved a casino rather than a baseball stadium that the project would be more likely to pass, simply because people like the idea of a casino. I admittedly don't know that much about urban development, but I can't possibly imagine that referendums are a good idea.

Simply put, we elect government officials to do the research and vote on what's in our best interests. If and when they fail, the power of the vote is used to remove them from office.

barranda said...


Also please don't misrepresent my statements. I never said that council (or any elected official for that matter) is "smarter than the average voter." The fact is they are paid to be informed on issues they vote on. I expect them to be more informed. That's their job. Not all of us have the free time that you apparently do to devote to...well, whatever it is that you do.

PMiller said...

If we decided everything by referendum in this backwards thinking town, we would still be crapping in outhouses and driving down dirt streets.