Friday, March 28, 2008

Baseball And Beer: The Combo Gets Better

Baseball and microbrews: a 'loony' combination
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"For sports fans, summertime ball games are usually accompanied by a $7 paper cup of macro-brew in hand that soon goes warm and flat.

But Midland, Michigan-based baseball team the Great Lakes Loons is kicking the quality up a notch by partnering with a Bay City microbrewery, Tri-City Brewing Company, for the second year in a row, to offer a custom microbrewed beer at the ball park. This year's brew is called Loon's Summer Ale and, according to Tri-City, is a lighter, clearer take on the citrusy flavors of a summer wheat beer, without the wheat. Loon's Summer Ale will be available at the ballpark throughout the Loons' 2008 season. If you're in the area, Tri-City and the ball team are also co-hosting a release party on March 27 to unveil the new brew."


Phil Marx said...

Sounds great! Maybe Mad Anthony can do that here. In fact, I think the Munchie Emporium Restaraunt would fit nicely with H.S.