Friday, March 28, 2008

No Longer Blocking GE, Downtown Cell Tower Approved

Taller telecom tower gets nod
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"A 150-foot tower soon will strengthen cellular phone signals in downtown Fort Wayne.

The Fort Wayne Board of Zoning Appeals on Thursday approved JB Towers LLC’s tower at 1701 Fairfield Ave. despite three neighbors’ objections to the project.

Centennial Wireless pursued an antenna on this tower after West Central residents complained another proposed tower south of Martin and Hendricks streets, near Broadway, would mar the skyline."


"The tower will provide capacity for carriers seeking to serve the Harrison Square downtown redevelopment project, said David Carter, the vice president of engineering for Centennial. Centennial has a tower on the Anthony Wayne Building downtown, but he said it needs another tower to adequately serve West Central and other downtown neighborhoods. Other carriers also seek capacity there."
From Broadway To Fairfield