Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bid Press

Downtown stadium work on budgetBids prompt city officials to say ballpark ‘in very good shape'
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"The apparent low bidders will cost the city $7.77 million, almost $300,000 less than the city’s latest estimates for the contracts.

If all the low bids are approved, it will mean the commission has awarded almost $20 million worth of work for the ballpark, about $350,000 more than estimated to this point. But city officials are working to cut costs on some of their highest contracts, especially for electrical work, to keep the project on budget."


"The bid total doesn’t include the apparent low bidder for the playing field, as city officials suspect it was incomplete because it was so far below estimates. Tom’s Landscaping, of Troy, Mich., bid a $726,774 price for the work, which was estimated at $1.46 million. The city is expected to award the contract to The Motz Group, of Cincinnati, for more than $1 million, but Leatherman said all the bids will be examined and if the lower bid is complete, the city will be glad to have the work done more cheaply."
Harrison Square bids come in low
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"With about 95 percent of the bids in for the Harrison Square baseball stadium, the project remains under budget, Greg Leatherman, the city's deputy director of community development, said Wednesday.

Bids for 11 more jobs ranging from painting to shaping and seeding the field were opened Wednesday during a meeting of the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission, with the sum of the low bids about $300,000 below engineers' estimates of $7.5 million. Leatherman said bids for landscaping around the stadium probably will be opened in April."