Monday, March 31, 2008

Local Software Firm Moving Downtown

Aptera Software moving downtown, adding 15 jobs
Link (The Scoop)

"Aptera Software, a Fort Wayne-based provider of software development, web design and web-based applications, has announced the purchase of an office building and is expanding its operations to downtown Fort Wayne.

The company will relocate from Airport North Office Park to the building at 201 West Main Street at the southwest corner of West Main and South Harrison streets. Aptera plans to add 15 employees to its 23-person workforce in its new facility through 2009. The company will invest approximately $900,000 in the building, improvements and new equipment.

“We are very pleased for the opportunity to join the thriving community of downtown Fort Wayne businesses and continue our growth there,” said T.K. Herman, president of Aptera Software. “My partner and I both grew up in Fort Wayne and are very happy to see the progress being made to revitalize the downtown area. We have been able to attract employees from as far away as Idaho and feel our new office will enable us to continue hiring top-notch software developers and web designers.”"


"“Aptera Software is yet another great example of a significant base employer beginning from an innovative idea and thriving in Fort Wayne,” stated Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry. “T.K. and Conrad are to be congratulated for developing an outstanding business plan that has allowed them to become an important part of the exciting growth happening downtown. From the NIIC to downtown in five years is a testament to a good business plan coupled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.”"


"At a future meeting, Fort Wayne Common Council will consider tax abatement on eligible real property improvements and personal property investment."


Andy said...

Great news -

Nice to see another vacant building in the city's core get some new life.

This is why the Harrison Square development is so crucial to the revival of our downtown. Keep in mind, HS is not even close to being completed and downtown FW is already feeling its impact. Its the energy and excitement HS brings which helps create an environment poised for future growth and unlimited potential.

Kevin Knuth said...

I do NOT believe it!

According to real estate developer Bill Bean, Downtown is becoming a hot commodity.

How can this be? Can the IDEA of Harrison Square actually work?

Looks like it to me....

Jeff Pruitt said...


Are we supposed to be surprised that $130 Million investment in downtown won't help the market?

Let's not move the goalpost. HS is supposed to create a plethora of new quality jobs - enough to make up for the investment we made...

Kevin Knuth said...


You are incorrect- Harrison Square is suppose to be a catalyst for all those things that will create those jobs.

This is not pass/fail.

Jeff Pruitt said...


I agree, HS will not directly create those jobs but it is to be a catalyst for them which means it should indirectly create those jobs...

John B. Kalb said...

More "rearrangement", not creation of new jobs. "Boy, let's move downtown (or even from one place to another, downtown) - we can get a PROPERTY TAX ABATEMENT from the Fort Wayne City Common Council - just like Subway - look at all the money we can save for the next 10 years - and then we are out of there - just like what happened at Southtown years ago. John B. Kalb

BL said...

what part of "adding 15 jobs" is misunderstood? I believe one reason for HS was to make local employers more competitive in recruitment, right?
+1 for HS.