Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More On Aptera Downtown Move

Software firm plans to move downtown
Aptera agrees to buy building near Harrison Square, will add 15 jobs
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"With completion at least a year away, it's too early to know whether Harrison Square will unleash the hoped-for flood of economic activity downtown. But even the promise of a revival was enough to lure a growing computer firm in from the suburbs."


"The new headquarters - which one day will be just blocks from the $125 million-$160 million Harrison Square project - should also help Aptera attract and keep customers and so-called “creative class” employees often drawn to larger cities. Aptera's average employee is about 29 years old.

“This (project) will bring a whole different dynamic downtown. When clients walk in, they need to say, ‘This is a company I want to work with.' And when would-be employees walk in, I want them to say, ‘Wow!'” Herman said. “I've never been to a Wizards (baseball) game, but if it weren't for Harrison Square, we wouldn't be as interested in downtown. In five years, it should be the place to be.”"


"Developer Bill Bean, who is selling the building to Aptera, said the high-tech firm will be a perfect fit.

“A number of people (including law offices) looked at the building, but we really weren't interested in subdividing it. Aptera was a little more interesting to us because the company fits in more with the type of jobs the city is trying to attract downtown,” said Bean."


"As Bean sees it, downtown real estate is fast becoming a hot commodity. “There's absolutely no doubt about it,” said Bean, who bought the First Source Center at 200 E. Main St. four years ago."
Local Software Firm Moving Downtown