Friday, December 21, 2007


Today is the one year anniversary of our entrance into blogging with Downtown Fort Wayne Baseball and tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the initial announcement of Harrison Square. By pure coincidence, this is also the 700th post for Downtown Fort Wayne Baseball.

My brother and I started DFWB a year ago today to provide a public output for the tracking of downtown developments that we were doing privately. The name Downtown Fort Wayne Baseball came about because it was quick and easy when setting up our new blog. There was no further rationale behind the name (more on this later).

We had never started a blog before and we hadn't read blogs up until that point. Since then we have become involved in the local blogosphere and we are proud to be founding members of the fledgling Fort Wayne Blogger Network.

We will soon cease posting to Downtown Fort Wayne Baseball.

This is not because we are quitting - quite the opposite!

We have been wanting to have our own site with a different name for some time now. The name Downtown Fort Wayne Baseball doesn't capture all that we do and all that we want to do regarding our tracking of downtown developments.

While news aggregation is our bread and butter and while we plan to continue with that practice, we really want to expand beyond and utilize the medium that is available to us. We are aiming to have more original content and we would love to have some other voices contributing every now and then.

Our goal will be to focus more on downtown in general and to highlight all of the things that are going on downtown besides Harrison Square.

We would love to hear your feedback on what you enjoy about DFWB and what you would like to see more of!


Eric White said...

Congratulations on the anniversary and good luck with your transformation. I'm glad that you're dropping "baseball" from the name. It will allow you to broaden your coverage, yet still remain focused on the heart of the city/region.

ChadGramling said...

Congratz and thank you for providing this wonderful resource to our community. I have really enjoyed following the news that I would have otherwise missed in traditional media (since I read it much less frequently). Can't wait to see where this fork in the road takes you!

Karen Goldner said...

Congratulations. You have proven yourselves to be the best source of all news Harrison Square and most news downtown.

R. Mike said...

Great news. I'm sure it will continue to be the finest FtW blog. DFWB always seemed more than baseball (as is Harrison Square), and this confirms it.

John B. Kalb said...

Guys - Without your blog it would have been almost impossible for me to expound on my concerns about the method that was used by our city administration to "sell" the move(destruction)of Memorial Stadium. Thanks, congrads and best wishes on the new blog.
John B. Kalb

Andrew Kaduk said...

Thanks for the pretzel.

Jon Swerens said...

Congratulations, guys! Nice meeting you last week.

If you're considering sticking with blogspot, may I suggest instead? Great templates and great support. Still free!

Of course, if you're going to a dedicated URL, even better!